Usable Unity stuff

I have 2 kind of things in here :

Asset Store Works

They are not free, but they feed me!! They are all very niche asset.

Introloop - Easily play looping music with intro section.

Native Audio - Lower audio latency via OS's native audio library.

Native Touch - Faster touch via callbacks from the OS, with a real hardware timestamp.

Open source Unity stuff

Free! But please fix bugs for me too!

Notch Solution

It is a set of tools to fight with notched/cutout phones for Unity uGUI.

Enum Dispatcher

ECS backed C# enums as Flux/Redux action in Unity.

ECS Line Renderer

Pure ECS approach to render a line. One Entity per one line segment.


Makeshift Cloud Firestore C# API that works with Unity via REST API. Contains only basic functions.


Automatic .proto files compilation in Unity project to C# as you edit them. (When did it goes up to 100 stars wtf)


Common Unity resources I uses in my own projects.


Misc stuff I made for Unity ECS.